Not yet done

by Travers Adler

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influenced by the Babies song, "Alligator"
kinda funny, sort of. i've aimed not to copy other people's exact songs, er, like their melody phrasing, and chords. I think that's kinda part of why I started writing songs. To say what I wanted to say, in my own way. And so I started writing songs, for years..and tried to learn how. But I'd learn from other people, even if I was being stubborn about not copying. I would copy, to varying extents. And I would get up, and down about my songs, and my tries at performing/recording them. And then I hear "Alligator" and I loved it, and I realized the phrasing seemed so simple. Like, wow, maybe I could do that, and do it confidently. maybe that's my, our, i borrowed the verse structure, and wrote some lyrics. And the lyrics have some hope and confidence in them, which, I suppose I needed. So Thank you to the Babies, for that song. And while I continue to learn, and get down, and up, this song is kinda like a little milestone for me. I posted it, and then took it off, cuz i got to thinking, maybe it's not good of me to sell a song that borrows so much of it's structure from someone else's..I dunno. I guess I wanna share it. maybe i'll just put it up for free, or donation if u like. Check out the Babies song, "Alligator." It's a great song.


I may be old,
I may be young
but eitherway,
I'm not yet done

I've got work,
that i can do
and may it help
me and you

me and you

we've got now
we're on our way
thank you for
the help night and day

night and day


released March 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Travers Adler Santa Barbara, California

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