songs 2​/​24​/​17

by Travers Adler

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released February 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Travers Adler Santa Barbara, California

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Track Name: not yet done 2/24/17
I may be old
I may be young
but either way
I'm not yet done

I've got work
that I can do
and may it help
me and you

me and you

we've got now
we're on our way
thank you for
the help night and day

night and day
Track Name: Searching 2/24/17
you've been searching
thru the night
in the trees
and the moonlight

there is that mist there
down in the valley
but it will clear as
as you start climbing

you are on your way

and in the morning
you will find that
that you have travelled
from where you were once at

you are on your way
Track Name: holding onto dreams 2/24/17
maybe i am getting a little old
is there a point where dreams should be sold
when i'm struggling to get by
am i reading all the signs
or telling myself some sort of lie

i've been roaming over this town for years
sometimes it seems i'm just clutching fear
i'm holding onto things
i'm holding onto dreams
i'm a child, and a man, it seems

i'm rolling and folding in a breeze
aint it hard sometimes to be guided by your dreams
but you know that they are true
at least just to you
they seem worth holding to
Track Name: you can steer 2/24/17
you may get down
you may get out
you may roll
around in doubt

you could get pissed
you could get mean
you may want
oo something

try to keep
keep you mind
keep your heart
draw your line
don't you worry
don't you fear
draw your line
you can steer
Track Name: shakeshake 2/24/17
don't we all got a pain
deep inside
don't we all got a tear
in our eyes
don't we all wanna find
a way thru pain
don't we all wanna shake
our blues away

shake shake
shake em away (i wanna, ya wanna, or we wanna)
shake shake
shake em away (wanna)
shake shake
shake em away (wanna)
shake them blues a into yesterday mmhmm

so if you got the blues
and don't know what to do
if ur sick of all pain
and you wanna get thru
i think i might know
of a way
have u ever tried to shake
your blues away
Track Name: heyheyhey 2/24/17
you worked hard
did a good job

you may be down
but you are free
hey hey hey

it may get tough
try to find a way
hey hey hey

you got thru
you got thru
hey hey hey
Track Name: i will get thru 2/24/17
i may need work
to keep afloat
may need a job
to get some dough
may need some dough
to pull my weight
to keep afloat
to feel okay

i will get thru

may need a change
to get ahead
may need to learn
what to do instead
may need some goals
to work towards
may need to walk
on thru some doors

but i will get thru
i will get thru
i can hear my heart
it seems to know what to do
so i suppose i will get thru
Track Name: anxious blues again 2/24/17
if ur overwhelmed
with everything
don't wanna do

feeling worn out
don't know why but
just wanna go
away and hide

feeling tired of the anxious blues again
tired of the anxious blues again

but you can move forward
on your way
let go of worry
and ur heart remains

you wont be tired of the anxious blues again
wont be tired of the anxious blues again
Track Name: you been 2/24/17
you been broke
you been mean
you been tied up
as a human being

you been down
you been out
you been alone
with worry and doubt

you been fighting
you been trying
you been riding
you been flying

you been good
you been right
you have loved
and you did fight

you felt peace
you felt life
and may you rest
good tonight